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2021 Elections

2021 Elections

  • Atlanta / Election 2021 Arts and Culture Candidate Survey (Atlanta, Fulton County)
    Art Work ATl asked the candidates about their arts views and ideas… invited were all candidates running for Mayor, City Council President, and the at-large (super districts) Posts to respond to the same questions about the arts in the city of Atlanta. Closely contested district candidates of 4 and 5 were also invited to participate.
  • House District 165 / Election 2021 Arts and Culture Candidate Survey
    Starting September 24, all candidates running for Georgia House District 165 were contacted to complete a short arts and culture survey. The purpose of the survey was to collect their positions on a variety of topics. Candidates Sabrina Green-Kent and Edna Jackson responded. Alternatively, candidates Clinton Cowart, Antwan Lang, and Clinton Young were unable or unwilling to respond after several attempts.
  • Edna Jackson, Candidate House District 165
    As Mayor of Savannah, I initiated the construction of the Cultural Arts Center in Savannah, which provides performance space, gallery space, workrooms, instruction, and more for would-be artists of all ages to learn and perform, and for all of Savannah to have a space to appreciate the arts. This particular facility has been recognized nationally.
  • Sabrina Greene-Kent, Candidate House District 165
    I am Sabrina E Greene-Kent a lover of All Art and Music. Raised with parents that kept me along with my siblings grounded in Arts & Music. I have hidden talents that only a few know about. Because of both my parents I was a honor student in art and having Ms. Cohen as my art teacher further enhance my skills, while attending Wilder Middle School.
  • Roswell / Election 2021 Arts and Culture Candidate Survey (Roswell, Fulton County)
    Roswell Arts Fund asked all local candidates to respond to an Arts and Culture Questionnaire.This brief questionnaire was created by RAF as the designated Art Agency for City of Roswell and along with our peers in Atlanta, Savannah and many other cities all around the country, to give candidates an opportunity to inform the community about where they stand on advancing the arts in our city.
  • Atlanta Atlanta Mayoral Forum
    Live from Atlanta Symphony Hall at the Woodruff Arts Center hosted a live-streamed Atlanta Mayoral Forum on the Arts Monday, September 27 at 7 p.m. Atlanta Mayoral candidates Andre Dickens, Kasim Reed, Felicia Moore, Antonio Brown, and Sharon Gay attend. The event was moderated by Rose Scott, an award-winning journalist, and host of the midday. . .
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