The state’s leading arts and culture advocacy organization providing vision, leadership, and resources to ensure the growth, prosperity and sustainability of arts and culture in Georgia!
Georgians for the Arts

Who We Are


About Georgians for the Arts

Georgians for the Arts (GA4Arts), a 501c4 established in 2019, has the mission to provide vision, leadership, and resources that ensure the growth, prosperity, and sustainability of arts and culture in Georgia.

GA4Arts is supported exclusively by Georgians and Georgia-based arts and culture organizations.

GA4Arts advances its mission through year-round arts and culture advocacy activities, year-round programs for artists, and the networking of artists, arts educators, local arts organizations, and business leaders, all working towards a better Georgia.

The 501c4 assumed the advocacy activities started and supported by ArtsGeorgia in 2013.

About ArtsGeorgia

ArtsGeorgia, an event sponsor, is a nonprofit arts service and advocacy organization founded in 2010, dedicated to advocating and providing resources for the arts with vision, innovation, consistency, and leadership.  ArtsGeorgia implements its mission by providing essential advocacy resources, publishing newsletters and the ArtsGeorgia Official Arts Advocacy Handbook, creating the Georgians for the Arts initiative, and producing the annual Arts Advocacy Roundtable. ArtsGeorgia participates in local, regional, and national arts advocacy organizations, including seven years as a National Partner of Americans for the Arts’ Arts Advocacy Summit.

Other programs include expanding SpaceFinder Georgia, developing ArtsGeorgia PLACES as a statewide arts directory, and collaborating with Etchster to provide the Find Georgia Public Art app. 


Patrick A. Kelsey, President & CEO
Waduda Muhamm, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Patrick A. Kelsey, President
Julie Wilkerson, Vice President
Waduda Muhammad, Treasurer
Abbey M. Matye, Secretary
Priscilla G. Smith

Proud Member Of

State Arts Action Network

The State Arts Action Network includes 53 members from 42 states, including the District of Columbia.

Members independently lead their state’s arts policy initiatives and gather together to share best practices and advise Americans for the Arts State & Local Government Affairs team on key policy initiatives.