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2024 Georgia Arts Day

2024 Georgia Arts Day

The 2024 Georgia Arts Day, hosted by our partner, The Center for Puppetry Arts, was packed with presenters, and attendees left inspired to return to their communities and continue the 2024 successes.

The day opened with the first state-level arts and economic prosperity update by the Georgia Council for the Arts alongside Macon Arts Alliance to show the impact of how information can help make change, furthermore insights into the BIPOC and ALAANA audiences, which is the first of its kind.

A leader in Atlanta’s arts education, drawchange, presented their story and impact on children and their role in developing creativity and art therapy-based instruction.

Blue Ridge Mountain Arts is a top-five art town annual festival that has become one of the largest regional events for 48 years and counting.

Cultural Arts Council Douglasville highlighted the success of its public art projects in partnership with Douglasville/Douglas County.

Breaking for lunch, we took the opportunity to meet other Georgians for the arts to network and strengthen the fabric of our arts and culture community.

Our Keynote Speaker, Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts, shared his national research on the social impact arts and culture have on communities, such as neighborhood pride and cultural identity. He also discussed how arts and culture contribute to strengthening communities socially, educationally, and economically, providing long-lasting benefits year after year.

Johns Creek Arts Center told us a story about how it has become Georgia’s second-largest provider of exceptional arts programs.

Our venue partner, The Center for Puppetry Arts, highlighted some of its recent successes and gave a sneak peek at its plans for the new year.

Georgia Arts Day concluded with leaders in Georgia arts engaging in dialogue about how relationship-building with public policymakers to help create long-term partnerships leads to greater prosperity and success of arts impact throughout the State. The panel is moderated by Mala Sharma of Georgia Music Partners and joined by Brenda Durant of Greater Augusta Arts Council, Matt Smith of Georgia Association of Museums, Norm Easterbrook of River Center for the Performing Arts, Jamie Vosmeier representing the Fox Theatre, and Georgia Senator Sonya Halpern.

Throughout the day, poet and visual arts artist rEN Dillard, Dance Canvas, and singer Myrna Clayton presented their exceptional talents.

The 2024 Georgia Arts Day could not have happened without the generous support of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, River Center for the Performing Arts, Fox Theatre, SouthArts, Fulton County Arts & Culture, South Fulton Arts, and the Georgians for the Arts Membership.

Meet Our Sponsors

We are thankful to the following for helping to support this unique Georgia event: Major Supporter—Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta; Champions South Arts, River Center for the Performing Arts, Fox Theatre, and Fulton County Arts and Culture; Grand—South Fulton Institute.