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Sabrina Greene-Kent, Candidate House District 165

Sabrina Greene-Kent, Candidate House District 165

I am Sabrina E Greene-Kent a lover of All Art and Music. Raised with parents that kept me along with my siblings grounded in Arts & Music. I have hidden talents that only a few know about. Because of both my parents I was a honor student in art and having Ms. Cohen as my art teacher further enhance my skills, while attending Wilder Middle School. However, music was a big thing with my parents, I attended ballet school in New York, after moving here to Savannah I switch to singing and was sent to take voicing classes with Mr. Peter Smalls at Savannah State University. My Mom believe in the best. Ever Sunday was family time to drive around Savannah and understand about the Art in this city. Art speaks volume about people, about a city.

Over the years I have attended many ballets shows (especially after signing my granddaughter up in Maryland Youmans school of Dance), jazz concerts, and each time we have a new opening of a new art museum. All the above I believe answer your top two questions.

1) Let me first state that I wish I was stating my case verbal, because this answer has many components. To bring Chatham County up to $.71 or higher it’s my belief that we need to get Art & Music back on a level in our educational system in every school on every grade level. Allowing for more school trips into our museums, making language arts part of the curriculum once again. Its my strong belief that funding our public educational system the right way and adding these curriculums will be a long-term asset to our children and our community. Unfortunately, before any of this can happen it will be a little bit of a fight to get the Chatham County school system where it needs to be. Which I am willing to fight for better improvement of our children future and the future of our Art Culture.

2) Culture Arts should not be limited to only one program in our educational system every child as I stated above should benefit from what Art does for the soul.

In closing Savannah is surrounded in richness of Art of all kinds. Savannah also has a culture of youth of All nationalities filled with innovative culture of art, music, dance, & voice. In order to keep all this alive and rich in our beautiful city I will research, propose and yes fight to make one of the things that make Savannah beautiful remain beautiful, and alive.

While my platform is to fight and make Savannah set apart from all other states making us the number one go to city, with better than Livable Wages, Move Production, Arts, Tourist, Decrease Taxes, Better communities for which we All live. Savannah will become the model city that shine like a star. I figure if the poorest city (South Caroline) can be successful in doing away with taxes so can Savannah.

I will also stand and fight to make Medicaid affordable for everyone considering our government is not paying livable wages (which I want stop fighting for). And with affordable Medicaid make sure our doctors receive everything they need from the states, including their pay on time give each patient the care they deserve and need. If the individuals, we elect to office can receive great health care so can the people we represent.

Lastly make sure that funding is in place so that Seniors have all the accommodations they need to get to and from their appointments without the pressure of wondering. We (our government owes our seniors this and much and more).

I Sabrina E Greene-Kent thank you for this opportunity to complete your survey.