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ARTS ACTION ALERT! Georgia Council for the Arts Funding Increase  

ARTS ACTION ALERT! Georgia Council for the Arts Funding Increase  

Seize the moment and reach out to your esteemed House and Senate Representatives with an uplifting request to champion the enhancement of our cultural landscape through additional funding for our Georgia Council for the Arts. Your voice can help illuminate the importance of the arts in our community!

Georgia’s inaugural Arts and Economic Prosperity research report for 2022-2023 has delivered some uplifting news. Key takeaways from the report reveal that through the GCA funding:

  • There were 19,734 jobs supported,
  • Nearly 16.6 million people attended our arts and culture events,
  • Over $1.3 billion in arts and culture spending,
  • There was $846 million in personal income paid to Georgians and  
  • The report concluded that $49.4 million in state and local taxes was generated.

If you’re passionate about the arts in Georgia and would like to see a boost in funding for the Georgia Council for the Arts, now is the perfect time to make your voice heard! Please consider sending the message below to show your support. Personal anecdotes highlighting the impact of the arts are more than welcome and can truly make a difference. Additionally, reaching out to the members of the Creative Arts and Entertainment Committee to kindly request that they prioritize this on their agenda would be a fantastic move towards positive change. Your advocacy could be the key to unlocking more support for the arts in our vibrant community!