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ARTS ACTION ALERT! Georgia Council for the Arts Funding Increase  

ARTS ACTION ALERT! Georgia Council for the Arts Funding Increase  

Take quick action and send a message to your House and Senate Representatives requesting they support increased funding for our Georgia Council for the Arts.  

Your action will help to alert your legislators to support increased funding for the not-for-profit arts sector, a $29.2 Billion economic impact industry in Georgia bigger than Transportation, Education, and Agriculture!

Reported in Georgia’s first Arts and Economic Prosperity research report, 2022-2023, highlights included are that through GCA funding:

  • There were 19,734 jobs supported,
  • Nearly 16.6 million people attended our arts and culture events,
  • Over $1.3 billion in arts and culture spending,
  • There was $846 million in personal income paid to Georgians and  
  • The report concluded that $49.4 million in state and local taxes was generated.

If you want to see Georgia increase its funding support for our Georgia Council for the Arts, then please take a moment to send the provided message with or without a personal story. You are also encouraged to contact the Creative Arts and Entertainment Committee members directly to ask that they put this on their agenda and vote.