Support Arts Education!

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) lists the arts and music—alongside reading, math, and a host of other subjects—in the federal definition of a “Well-Rounded Education”. Senate report language described the arts as “dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts, and other arts disciplines as determined by the State or local educational agency.”

Cosponsor the WORK NOW Act

The WORK NOW Act is a targeted, pandemic-recovery bill to help organizations retain their employees, scale their service delivery, and put newly unemployed people back to work serving their communities by infusing $50 billion into the nonprofit community across the country to get people back to work and make sure nonprofits are able to meet the needs of the populations they serve.

Cosponsor the Universal Giving Pandemic Response and Recovery Act

In March 2020, Congress enacted a $300 charitable deduction for cash gifts from nonitemizers for 2020. Since then, the amount of charitable giving—especially of gifts less than the $300 cap—has seen a significant increase. According to data from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP), individual giving in 2020 increased 7.3 percent, compared to 2019, and the number of donors increased by 10.6 percent.