Georgians for the Arts’ Advocacy Campaigns will be planned and developed to address specific arts advocacy issues – local, state and federal.



Georgians for the Arts’ objective in 2019 is to identify and encourage arts advocates from outside metro Atlanta to become delegates to the AFTA annual Arts Advocacy Summit in Washington DC. Planned events for 2019 will include the second annual arts advocacy round table and beginning a series of regional round tables and town hall meetings. A Google group will be established as a platform to share news, resources and information on advocacy topics.


Georgians for the Arts’ objective in 2018 is to achieve an increase in state funding for the arts and arts education (K-12). The state arts agency’s budget was cut by 90% during the recent recession. After a decade, it is time to restore funding for the arts in Georgia. Investment in the arts and in arts education will improve Georgia’s current status of being ranked 50th in the U.S. by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies for per capita state support. ( NASAA Report Feb 2018, p 11 )

The arts are an economic and employment powerhouse. The arts mean business in Georgia in economic activity, tax revenues and full time jobs. The nonprofit arts have a $166 billion economic impact, support 4.8 million jobs, add $730 billion to GDP, create $26 billion trade surplus and generate $27.5 billion in government revenue in the U.S.
[Source: Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5)] [Georgia Statistics in AEP5]


Georgians for the Arts’ goal in 2017 was advocacy to save the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) from elimination or drastic budget cuts. Saving the NEA protected almost one-half of our state arts agency’s total budget in the next fiscal year, their arts education funding, and saving the NEA also protected SouthArts the regional NEA Partner headquartered in Atlanta. The NEA survived and its $150M budget has been approved by Congress.